Modern, Classic & Couture

In the midst of pulling together the soft finishes for a kitchen project; I thought I’d share a ‘go-to’ source with you.  Although a classicist at heart; its always in my nature to throw in a mix of modern to edge things up a bit.

A line that consistently puts a modern twist on tradition is Quadrille.  Certain you have seen their work published in every known shelter magazine; they never go unnoticed and always a classic. I hope this inspires you to put a little Quadrille in your go-to book too:


Carlo II – Designer: Brian McCarthy – Veranda


Meloire Reverse Designer: Carolyne Roehm -House Beautiful


Paradise Garden Designer: David Kleinberg – Architectural Digest



Wallcovering: San Marco  – House Beautiful


Draperies: Paradise Background Pillow: Montecito


Wallcovering: Trellis Background Designer: Tom Scheerer – House Beautiful



Wallcovering: Ikat – Veranda


Wallcovering: Climbing Hydrangea – Vogue


Sofa: Cap Ferrat Designer: Andrew Raquet – Veranda


TB 1

 Sofa/Chair Pillows/Wallcovering: Volpi and Persopolis Home: Tory Burch -Vogue


 Sultan II Designer: Miles Redd – Architectural Digest

(Photo Credit:


The Five

The list of pieces you need in your home with that                      little something extra


COLOR MY HIDE soft lilac meets nickel.


ARTERIORS ~ Kelli Lamp


BE DAZZLED unlike any reflection on your wall.


BUNGALOW 5 ~ Romano Wall Mirror


THE GOLD CUFF CHAIR No pillow required.


CARACOLE ~ Ice Breaker Chair


THE BRONZE AND WHITE QUATREFOIL TABLE certainly won’t get mistaken for your grandmother’s table.


GLOBAL VIEWS ~ Quatrefoil Rectangular Table


THE BLACK FLIRT the look of entitlement, in a day bed.


KOKET ~ Prive’ Day Bed

6 Accessories for Right Now

 In case you overlooked them – the extras I’m most excited about….


Perfect size. With a little texture.   Kyle Bunting pillow



Warm, cozy, make up your own stories. Sferra Cashmere blanket



Our casual take on luxury. Hanro Emma cashmere lounge shirt & pant



Better in mixed company. Jan Showers Anders Gold Leafed coffee table

 6 accessories for right now


COURTESY of Tom Ford Tom Ford Lip Shine in Willful


6.    THE METALLIC HEEL.  All in the details. Michael Kors Arielle metal toe pump.


Inviting Spaces

Did you know the look of your favorite hangout spot was probably intricately pieced together by an interior designer? It is said that your economic well-being is greatly effected by the space you are surrounded by. Colors, style and atmosphere are the components that move your soul to be happy, sad or perfectly content.  This is just one of the many ways hiring an interior decorator can truly change your life.

When a space is designed specifically with you in mind, it will be a haven away from the stress and pressures of everyday life outside of the home.

Cool colors promote tranquility and peace, where rich colors like deep reds and golds can sometimes promote anticipation. However, everyone is effected by colors in various ways. If you’ve ever heard of Feng Shui, you may be familiar with how colors can be used to bring a spiritual peace to your being. Traditional Feng Shui is an ancient system based upon the observation of heavenly time and earthly space. Aside from finding colors that best suit your moods, Feng Shui is also used to help position furniture in a room. One of the rules of Feng Shui is to clear out the clutter and release the stress of not being able to enjoy a clean and clear space.

A decorator helps you determine what works best in your home to encourage a life of harmonious peace and everyday glamour!

Transforming Your House Into A Home

Summer’s almost over, the kids are heading back to school and it’s just possible you have some time on your hands. That means there could be a new decorating project in your future!

Today, I want to share some tips to prepare you that next big endeavor – transforming your house into a home of glamorous luxury. If it’s a big project, creating a plan and a budget will be essential.

  • Create a budget that allows for some flexibility. Unfortunately, we all end up wanting more than we originally intend. You should have two budgets (You will end up falling somewhere in between!) – 
    • 1) What you intend to pay for a project 
    • 2) What you have the ability to pay for a project
  • Research interior designers to determine which one has expertise in your design style. Interview several prior to choosing the one who best fits your needs. It’s always a good idea to ask for references not only from the designer, but also from the contractors being used for the project.
  • Once you have determined your preferred consultant, set up a meeting and plan a timeline of the work to be done. This is the perfect time to decide how budget monies will be spent and when money will need to be allocated.
  • Next, the fun begins! If you need to move out of your house while work is being completed, be sure to have arrangements made in advance.  Your decorator should be able to estimate how long each project will take.
  • A design board and rendering will be created so you can approve the overall look and feel of the proposed outcome. If you don’t like the sample, speak up. A designer is there to help you fulfill a look that connects you with the everyday glamour of a beautiful, yet comfortable, abode.
  • From here, the vision begins to become reality. Furniture, paint, window treatments and artifacts begin to fill your home changing the atmosphere in the world you’ve become so accustomed to. Yes, your house is suddenly a home!

I’d love to be the one to transform your house into a home!

Designer Ideas on a Budget

Your home can look fabulous whether you spend an enormous amount of money or you decide to work within a minimal budget.  Sure, those with an unlimited cash flow may have really cool upgrades and expensive bling, but an elegant space can still be created without thinning your wallet to the last dollar bill.
An enriching color scheme can make all the difference.  Take a look at the room below.  I found it on HGTV.

Notice how rich the gray and the red appear.  The design is simple.  The couch and the print hanging above it are inexpensive.  Not much had to be done to create this look.  A sleek coat of paint mixed with tone on tone coloring and a splash of red will make any room pop.  Of course, the white flowers give the room just enough glamour to make the room elegantly perfect!

Glamour In A Man’s Cave 2nd Edition

Yes, it’s true.  Men love mood lighting as much as women do!  This Emporium Home sconce is the perfect find for the man who wants to create a unique atmosphere while exuding masculinity.

Complimented in the dining room by this chandelier, our glamorous man is sure to impress!

Men don’t have to have a fru-fru look to show off their tastes.  Mix a little chocolate leather and a furry white rug like the one pictured below and he’ll have it made. Simple, yet glamorously cool.

Glamour in A Man’s Cave 1st Edition

It doesn’t take a woman to notice classiness in a home.  Men like the feeling of glamour too!  The perfect bachelor pad is home to strong leathers, clean lines and hidden treasures that men NEVER want to leave behind.  All can be encompassed into the glamour of a man cave with the comforts of home.

First, a man has to determine his style.  Is it a rugged ranch style or a contemporary, clean design?  This is essential because it will lay the groundwork for surrounding your home with the things you love while making it special with the elements of design.

The key to the man cave is to have masculinity blended with usefulness.  I love this “designer” tool chest…

It’s definitely a must for the male in terms of usefulness, yet it can sit in the corner of a den or game room and portray a unique presence in the room.

Stay tuned next week for more tips on Glamour in A Man’s Cave.